Privacy Policy

I. General

1. Foreword

These General Conditions of Sale apply to any purchase made via the website "", property of Chitram Store which reserves the right to modify them at any time. 
The general conditions of sale applicable are those in force on the date of acceptance of the order of the Buyer by Chitram Store. 
The present general conditions of sale accepted by the purchaser do not accept any contrary handwritten clause which can appear on the correspondence, the invoices and commercial papers of the purchaser. 
These terms of sale are intended to define the contractual relationship between Chitram Store and the Buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made through the Chitram Store merchant site for the Buyer.
The acquisition of a product or service through this site implies an unreserved acceptance by the Buyer of these conditions of sale.

2. Characteristics of the products and services offered

The products and services offered are those listed in the catalog published on the Chitram Store website. 
The photographs of the catalog are as faithful as possible but can not ensure a perfect similarity with the proposed product, in particular as regards the colors.

3. Acceptance of the order

Each order is accepted by Chitram Store, if the Buyer:

  • fill in the identification form on which he indicates all the requested details or registers himself with his identifiers;
  • validate his order after having verified it;
  • makes the payment in the conditions provided.

For the Buyer, the validation of the order entails acceptance of these conditions of sale, in full knowledge of the facts and the waiver of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions. 
All the data provided and the validation recorded by Chitram Store, will be worth proof of the transaction. The validation will be worth signing and acceptance of the operations carried out. 
Chitram Store will communicate by email confirmation of the registered order, provided that the email address provided by the buyer is valid.

4. Terms of payment

The full payment is due upon order. The payment is made:

  • Either by credit card made through the secure system of CREDIT MUTUEL bank
  • Either by PAYPAL
  • Either by bank transfer in advance to our bank account.

The currency of payment is the Euro except for any other currency. 
In the case of a payment by credit card, the account of the Buyer is debited as soon as the order is validated. 
When items are delivered, the invoice is attached to the delivered items. 
In spite of all the care provided by Chitram Store to the supply of its stocks, an article can become unavailable between the taking of order and the delivery. If unable to honor all or part of the order the account of the Buyer is debited the amount of items delivered by Chitram Store, the amount of undelivered items will be debited receipts and sent to the buyer. Chitram Store then warns the Buyer by email systematically.

II. Delivery

1. Delivery conditions

Our goods even agreed free of charge, travel at the risk and peril of the recipient, to whom it belongs, in case of damage or loss, to make all reservations written and precise on the delivery note, missing or damaged noticed before drivers, and to exercise recourse with carriers solely responsible. Damage or loss will be confirmed with the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours. 
The risks are transferred to the buyer from the outset of the goods from the seller's warehouse. 
Delivery times that are indicated by Chitram Store are given as an indication. Consequently, the delays can not under any circumstances justify the cancellation of an order, nor the granting of compensation of any kind.

2. Participation in Shipping Costs

For enclosures

  • Shipping in France: 10,00 € 
  • Shipping to Europe: 14,00 €
  • Other countries outside Europe: 24,00 €

For accessories:

  • Shipping to France: € 3.50 
  • Shipping in Europe: 7,00 €
  • Other countries outside Europe: € 14.00

3. Receipt of goods

Goods delivered in accordance with the order are not returned or exchanged. 
Any complaint must be formulated by registered letter under penalty of inadmissibility within the period of 8 days from the receipt of the goods. 
If the claim proves to be justified, the non-conforming goods will be exchanged or, in case of impossibility, a refund.

III. Conditions of return

Only the returned Products will be taken together (accessories included) and in perfect condition of resale (examples: the product must not include a mark on the product intact, product not broken, not scratched (e) (s), packaging of the product on which are indicated the bar code, the serial number, etc.). 
The return costs are the responsibility of the customer. 
Download the return form on the welcome page (return form SAV), without this document filled out the service returns will not be processed.

IV. Applicable Warranty

The warranty applicable to the products sold is that of the manufacturer. After-sales service is provided by the manufacturer or authorized repairers. 
All our products are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. 
The returned products will, according to your request, be treated in the form of refund or exchange (subject to verification). 
In case of refund, the products will be taken back at the price of the day.

V. Regulation

  1. Unless otherwise stated, invoices are payable in cash.
  2. The payment terms granted to the buyer are de rigueur and may in no case be extended without a written agreement from the seller.
  3. In case of non-payment, the seller may terminate the sale as of right and without warning by sending a simple registered letter.

VI. Title retention clause

  1. The goods will remain the exclusive property of the seller until full payment.
  2. Only the collection, and not the delivery of the means of payment, is equivalent to a payment with transfer of ownership to the benefit of the buyer. The buyer will bear, however, upon delivery of the goods, the risk of loss, damage and disappearance of goods, even in cases of force majeure or by a third party.

VII. Skill

In case of dispute, the courts of the domicile of the buyer, at the choice of the seller, are the only competent.

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